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Small & Medium Businesses

Give your business an edge with a communication and project management solution that boosts productivity and drives progress.

With small teams, everyone wears multiple hats and is responsible for contributing to the success of every project. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) depend on efficiency, so maximizing each person’s productivity and output is important.


Chatway gives SMBs everything they need inside one easy-to-use platform so teams can communicate, collaborate, manage projects, share files, and more.  No matter what industry you’re in or whether you’re part of a team or a solopreneur, Chatway will help you stay on track and complete projects so you can exceed client expectations.

Chats Become Actions

Whether you’re chatting with teammates or clients, conversations bring about key decisions. Drag those important messages into a tool to create an actionable task, a calendar event, or a note.


  • If a client lets you know they want to schedule a face-to-face meeting or call, just press the message and move it right to the calendar so it’s added to both of your schedules.
  • When your team is discussing a new project, collect the best ideas in a note, or drag them right into the task tool so nothing is forgotten.

Complete Projects Faster

Break large projects into smaller, manageable tasks with due dates and assign each to do to one or multiple team members so each person knows what they are responsible for and can work to get those items completed.


  • When colleagues have questions or need input on a task, file, note or event, other team members can easily add their comments directly to the item so feedback stays aligned.
  • Keep track of the progress each team member makes and see notifications in Feed as tasks are updated or completed.

Keep Track of Contracts

Small businesses still have lots of paperwork to contend with, and employees can’t afford to waste valuable time looking in different apps and platforms to find what they need. Instead, connect your drive to Chatway to share docs and folders.


  • Create a file folder for each client so that team members can access documents without having to ask for permissions.
  • Easily edit and comment on Google and Microsoft documents without ever having to leave the app.

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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