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Communicate with teams in real-time, manage daily operations & reach organizational efficiency, all with one platform.

Whether your retail business is a corporate giant or a trendy boutique, the challenges are the same. In such a fast-paced industry, you need to have a real-time communication and project management platform that supports your business initiatives at every level.


Chatway gives retail professionals an all-in-one solution to keep your employees connected, so each team member knows what they’re responsible for on a day to day basis as well as how they contribute to larger company goals. With instant messaging, tasks, file storage and more, managers can see which tasks are being completed and how projects are progressing, ensuring the business runs smoothly.

Communication that Drives Action

When you make an important decision during a chat, Chatway’s drag & drop interface enables you to quickly turn it into an action item so your retail projects succeed.


  • When an external supplier sends a proposal by email, the recipient can forward it the right chat group so members can discuss it in a centralized place.
  • Add expected shipping and delivery dates to each store’s calendar so sales teams can prepare for new merchandise and in-store displays.
A retail manager uses Chatway to discuss a proposal and set up a meeting
A retail manager adds team tasks and to dos so projects get done faster

Manage Responsibilities & Priorities

Making sure that every aspect of a project is completed on time and by the right team member is critical when it comes to complex corporate initiatives and daily to-dos. A comprehensive task manager will ensure the job gets done.


  • Assign inventory tasks and reports to stakeholders or multiple team members and monitor the progress of each person as well as the entire initiative.
  • If a store starts carrying a new label, create a task for every team member to learn about the new product line.

Plan Ahead for Success

With holiday promotions and end-of-season sales, it’s important that everyone in the organization knows when special projects are supposed to be launched and has access to the right materials.


  • Schedule pre-event meetings to ensure that digital teams are ready to launch online campaigns and brick-and-mortar employees are prepared for a customer influx.
  • Add documents related to in-store display guidelines and special promotions to a folder that each team member can easily access and reference as needed.
A retail manager uses Chatway to communicate with her team, share documents and schedule meetings

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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