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Seamlessly communicate with clients & teams, manage projects to completion & close deals faster with Chatway.

Real estate agents and property managers have a lot to juggle, much of which is time-sensitive. From showing someone their potential dream home to managing the ongoing requests of tenants, you need a single solution that lets you communicate with clients and staff, manage all of your contracts and keep track of ongoing projects and tasks.


Chatway’s platform lets you create a chat group for each client or property to discuss projects in real time, share documents with just a click and collaborate on tasks to improve processes and overall efficiency.

Communicate in Context

With a drag and drop interface, you can turn messages into action items, assigning them to team members and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, even during busy days and seasons.


  • If a tenant reports a maintenance issue, drag the message into a task for the appropriate person, add a priority rating and any comments.
  • Record the ongoing and everchanging list of amenities that clients want and keep it up-to-date and accessible in a client note.
A real estate property manager uses Chatway to schedule tasks from client messages
Real estate professional uses Chatway to chat with her team and prepare property materials

Promote New Properties

As new properties become available, it’s critical to act fast and collect all the marketing materials you need to advertise them and find the right occupants.


  • Quickly coordinate with external team members like property photographers so that you can create the collateral for online campaigns and physical brochures.
  • When a potential client is ready for an on-site visit, quickly schedule an appointment with all the necessary people.

Close Deals Faster

There’s a lot of paperwork involved when a client is ready to sign on the dotted line. Having access to the most updated versions while you’re on the go will eliminate delays in getting contracts completed.


  • Coordinate tasks across your team to make sure all of the necessary documents are ready and any issues have been handled.
  • Easily access the architectural plans, sale agreements or rental SLAs so clients can read them and comment, keeping communication closely tied to the documents.
Real estate agent creates tasks for team members to create new rental contracts in Chatway

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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