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Architecture firms can effortlessly communicate, collaborate, and manage complex projects with ease using Chatway.

For architectural projects to run smoothly and successfully, planning, collaboration, and execution need to be perfectly aligned, and teams need to be in sync. In an industry that demands perfection, having a real-time communication and project management platform is key.


Chatway provides architecture firms with an easy-to-use solution for communicating with team members and clients plus a powerful task manager, so each employee stays on track.  With the addition of a file management and sharing tool plus a calendar, architects will be able to access anything they need to meet project deadlines.

Communicate with Ease

Clear communication is critical whether it’s between two colleagues inside the firm, with a client or with an external supplier. Chatway prevents actionable decisions from falling through the cracks because it allows you to drag any message straight into the tasks, notes, or calendar tool.


  • While designing a newly commissioned home for a family, they’re sure to have a lot of requirements. Easily keep track each time they message you with a request or idea.
  •  If a project manager asks you to complete certain to-dos over chat, simply drag the message into the task tool so you don’t forget.

Discuss Emails in Real-Time

Your firm will be using Chatway for all of their communication, but some of your external partners might still be using email. With Chatway, you can forward the contents of an email including attachments right to a chat group or tool.


  • When a supplier sends you an estimate by email, simply forward it to the tasks tool and assign it to the project manager responsible for approving the cost.
  • If the firm is looking to hire a new architect and candidates send their resumes by email, forward the documents to a chat group of decision makers to discuss their potential in real-time.

Onsite or at the Office

Whether the firm is planning a 20-story building or redesigning an apartment, everyone on the team needs to be able to communicate and collaborate from wherever they are.


  • With all documents stored in one cloud-based solution, architects and engineers can access electrical plans, material lists, and any other files while onsite. 
  • Team members can review plans and leave comments directly on files, so feedback stays streamlined and tied to the source.

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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