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With built-in project management tools like Tasks, Files, Notes & Calendars, you can turn meaningful conversations into action items and manage projects from start to finish – all in one intuitive workspace.

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It starts with a conversation.

Business decisions start from a conversation and Chatway helps you keep everything organized by chat group. You can access key tools like Tasks, Files, Notes & Calendars right from the chat and every associated item will be right there.

  • Create groups and chat with an entire team to discuss concepts and projects
  • Message just one colleague for direct conversations without cluttering the group chat.

Email to Chat

Chatway’s all about focused communication. Eliminate lengthy email chains by sending emails right to a chat to continue the conversation with your team in real-time. Every contact and group has a unique set of Chatway email addresses, making this a cinch!

  • Forward emails to a chat so anyone can read the content.
  • Send an email directly to a group’s Tasks,
    Notes or Calendar to create an action item.

Turn messages into action – Drag & Drop

Drag & drop messages right into tools for instant actions.

Comment & Collaborate

Easily collaborate and share your thoughts in real-time by adding comments and reactions directly to any action item to streamline the feedback process and keep chats clear of chaos.

Manage projects from ideation to completion.

Task management done right.


Keep projects organized and on track by creating and assigning tasks to team members, ensuring everyone knows what they’re responsible for and what to work on next.

  • Add multi-level organization to Tasks
  • Assign Tasks to one or multiple team members
  • Attach files, add due dates & set priority ratings
  • Add feedback and comments directly to Tasks

All your files in one place.


Instead of searching for files scattered across different apps, Chatway gives you a place to store all your files and share them with just a click.

  • Connect your entire Google Drive to share files or folders
  • React and comment directly on files
  • Create folders to keep all of your documents organized
  • Open & edit Google docs without leaving the app

Never lose a note again.


The Notes tool is your new digital bulletin board that will replace your notebook and sticky notes. Use them for brainstorming or for anything else you need to write down.

  • Keep company knowledge organized & accessible
  • Add comments and reactions right on a note

Scheduling is so simple.


With so much to do, an integrated calendar helps avoid scheduling mishaps. And, events are instantly added to each group members’ calendar without having to send individual invites.

  • Connect external calendars to see personal and work events
  • Identify chat group events with color-coded icons
  • Add detailed information and set event reminders
  • Attach files and add comments to any event

Boost productivity and efficiency by being active and reactive.


Need to know what your team members are up to?

The Feed is your go-to spot to catch up on what’s happening and take action.


See all the tasks you’re responsible for in one aggregated view, regardless of which group the tasks are associated with.

Use Agenda to help you prioritize your work day!

My Zone

If you need to work on a confidential project, have a place to keep your project-related thoughts before sharing, or store personal information and documents, My Zone is your place.

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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