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Chatway is an all-in-one instant messaging and project management platform that helps teams reach goals faster by connecting conversations with action items and enabling real-time collaboration.

Our Story

Most instant messenger aren’t built for professional use, forcing users to mix business and personal communications under one platform. The platforms that are created for businesses purposes don’t serve the needs of low-tech companies; they are challenging to learn, don’t provide an all-in-one solution and require multiple integrations.

With this in mind, Chatway was founded in 2016 with the goal of developing a solution that anyone, at any company, could use – from small businesses to enterprises. As we built Chatway, we kept one thing in mind: the product had to be so easy to use that even our most tech-adverse grandmas could handle it without much effort.

We began by building a messenger interface that felt familiar and functioned similarly to the messengers we use every day to stay in touch with family and friends. We knew that we needed to connect conversations and decisions to actionable next steps, so we added in the productivity tools that every organization needs to thrive.

Today, Chatway has evolved into a powerful business solution that empowers teams to work smarter and faster by supplying them with a unified place to communicate and collaborate, manage complex projects and daily tasks, access company knowledge and maintain transparency.

Our Team

Rony Zarom, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, is one of the co-founders of Chatway. His vision, which leads the company, came from the real-life challenges he experienced while building his other technology companies. Rony also founded the VC decima ventures as well as Unistream, a nonprofit that empowers underprivileged youth to build their own technology startups, and he previously founded eXalink which what acquired by Comverse, was a founding member of Elronet and is the majority owner of the Aspen Group, a publicly traded real estate company.

Shahar Mintz is a co-founder and the CEO of Chatway. He leads the company’s strategic business vision and product development. Prior to Chatway, Shahar was the co-founder and CTO of Cliquer Inc., a live streaming app that lets online influencers share their world with fans. He was also a senior software engineer at Mishor 3D and a computer software and information systems engineer at Elbit Systems LTD. Before his professional career began, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces, reaching the rank of Captain and is a graduate of Israel’s leading technical university, Technion.

Alon Boneh is the head of business & client development at Chatway. He leads the company’s sales and business opportunities, making sure all of Chatway’s customers are properly onboarded and supported. Prior to Chatway, Alon led the Global Distribution Business Development Department at Glispa Global Group and developed and managed strategic partnerships for ClicksMob. After serving as a naval officer for seven years, Alon managed the operations of an exclusive project in Africa and earned his MBA from the Tel Aviv University.

“It took us forever to find a way to manage our team’s work. Chatway’s simplicity and ease of use are incredible.”

Jason Goldberg – Enjoying real team collaboration on a daily basis.

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