Keeps your groups productive
Group chat, office document sharing, task lists and collaborative notes available to your groups from anywhere, anytime.
Secured, shared cloud storage accessible only to group members. Group manage your group's own private cloud, adding files from computers, Dropbox and Google Drive. Organize these files in easy to navigate folders.
Keep collaborative notes to record group discussions and important brainstorming sessions.
Improve group productivity by organizing and collaborating around group to-do lists. Create lists and add tasks to manage group activity.
Save important locations and share them with the group
Innovative Features
Stay productive & organized with powerful group tools
Group manage private cloud, collaborative notes, to-do lists and favorite locations.
Connect to your computer from anywhere,
navigate your files & folders remotely
and share office documents with the group.
Anytime, anywhere
Present any office document live
and get valuable feedback - any group member
can real-time share, comment, edit and even praise
Group Chat
Use group chat to
have a conversation
chatway isn’t just another chat application.
It’s an all-in-one productivity app built for groups.
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chatway is available
on Android and iOS.